Friends for Families Under Stress

Child Abuse Prevention

Parent Aide combines three elements in approaching child abuse prevention:

Community Awareness: This primary prevention strategy reaches community members through speaking engagements to help bring awareness, encourage involvement and stimulate resources.

Class-Based Parent Education: As parents have children and struggle with normal and extraordinary challenges of parenting, class based parenting classes help build skills, provide education on child development and behavior management.

Home Visitation: Home visitation is provided by parent aides who are para-professional or volunteer peers who can provide intensive support for parents at risk of child abuse or neglect.

This engagement model is intrinsically empowering as one parent helping another builds on factors of support, crisis availability, and strengthening parents that have become the basis of the family support model. This three pronged approach often works in synchrony with community awareness encouraging parents to reach out for support and then home visitation may lead to class based parent education as the goal of social support is reached.

Parent Aide implements the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund measuring tool, the “Protective Factors Survey” which is given as a pre and post test to every parent enrolled for services.